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Before you can use any of our services you will need to register your pet with us. We offer both daytime and early evening appointments to suit you at your home, and once registered you and your pet can take advantage of any of the Walkies with Ian services.

For further information or to book a registration please call us on 07968 126 828 or send an email to


Dog Registration
The registration process will take around 30-40 minutes in which time we will ask various questions about your dogs health & well being, such as any medication they may be taking, attitude towards other dogs, energy levels and any fears your dog may have (i.e. joggers or cyclists). This will help us to ensure that your dog is walked with other dogs that match his/her energy levels and provide the right kind of stimulation and supervision for them.

Small Pets Registration
The registration process will take around 20 - 30 minutes in which time we will ask various questions about your pets health & wellbeing, how often you feed your pet, where the bedding and other accessories are kept. This will help us to ensure we provide the best service that your much loved pet deserves.

Dog Walking

Group Walk - £10, 2nd Dog 1/2 price                          Solo Walk - £15

- Full 1 Hour Walk                                                           - Full 30 Minute Walk
- Element of training, recall, fetch etc                                - 1 on 1 attention and fuss for your dog
- Plenty of socialising, stimulation and play

We can collect your dog from any location you choose, your home, place of work or any other location that is convenient for you (so long as it's within our service area and agreed in advance)

You can also feel comfortable with the knowledge that your dog is being well looked after and cared for by a professionally trained & insured dog walker, but most of all having a great 'dogtastic' time. We see dog walking as a pleasure, not a chore!

We cover areas such as St Annes Park, Brislington, Horefield, Redland, Clifton, St Andrews, and many more.


Dog Boarding Service - £19.50 Per Night

Walkies with Ian will be happy to accommodate your pet (subject to availability), be it for just a day, a week, or even two.

While you're off jet setting away on your annual holiday, attending a family get together or hosting a dinner party, your family pet will be well loved, receive lots of fuss & attention, plenty of exercise and companionship with our own Chocolate Lab and of course not forgetting us!!

What we provide:
A warm loving family home with a secure garden
Plenty of bedding and blankets
All Food and Treats
Plenty of cuddles & fuss
Toys and stimulation
Daily group walk with other dog companions

Although of course you are welcome to bring your own Food, Bedding and Toys if you prefer, as well as any other accessories that may add to your dog's comfort and enjoyment.

The pet foods we use are high quality, hypoallergenic are nutritionally complete dry foods for cats and dogs. They are formulated to such high standards that they provide optimum nutrition for your cat and dog.

Home Visits

Working late at the office? Taking the family on a day trip? Our Fuss & Feed service is ideal for such occasions.

Whether you have a Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Mice, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Goldfish or any other animal; we can provide the following,

We will:
Feed your pet(s)
Provide fresh water
Change any bedding
Change the dirt box / tray (or similar)
Administer medication
Provide lots of fuss and cuddles
Groom your pet(s) (Excludes bathing)
Walk your pet(s) (Dogs only)

NB - We do not offer a Fuss and Feed service for dogs if you are away from home for a period over 24 hours. You will need to either arrange for us to board your dog or we can assist in booking and transporting your dog to and from kennels (a service charge will apply for the Taxi service)

Should you want us to do anything else (within reason), you need only ask. Obviously this doesn't include washing the dishes or vacuuming the stairs etc.